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Before You Could Speak (2023)
The Summers That Shaped Her
The Passage of Time
The Summers That Shaped Her
Celeste and Me (2022)
Our Love Story (2024)
Celeste (2022)
All of Nature Rests (2023)
Plant Improv (2022)
What Remains of a Day (2024)

I am a mixed media artist who enjoys working with fabric and other fibers. My work often includes elements of embroidery, sewing, patchwork, and quilting, and explores themes surrounding family, motherhood, girlhood, memory, domesticity, and "traditional" women's work.

Recent Exhibitions
"I Am Here"  |   Studio Montclair Gallery  |  September 15 - October 20, 2023
"Ode to New Jersey"  |  West Windsor Arts Council  |  August 29 - October 28, 2023

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