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Plant Improv (2022)
Before You Could Speak (2023)
Celeste and Me (2022)
All of Nature Rests (2023)
Celeste (2022)
Hydrangea Improv (2023)
Bird Improv (2023)
Art: Gallery

I am a mixed media artist who primarily works in fiber. My work often includes elements of embroidery, sewing, patchwork, and quilting and explores themes surrounding family, motherhood, domesticity, and so-called traditional women's work. I am also deeply interested in using art to explore mental health/illness and other pressing social issues I feel strongly about.

Art: Text


Barn at Stults Farm
Lake Brainard
Cranbury Bookworm
Cranbury Pavilion
Two Dogs
Mastiff Portrait
Cranbury Fence
Art: Gallery
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